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"Sublime" (Countrytown Nov 2021)

"The genuine article" (Brisbane Courier Mail Nov 2021)

"Great stories, highly entertaining" (Sunburnt Country Music Jan 2022)

"Inspired" (Tamworth Country Music Capital News Jan 2022)

"Superb musical landscapes" (Rock n Load Magazine, April 2021)

"World class" (Rhythyms Magazine, 2019) 

"Everything that is good about Australian Country Music" (Tamworth Country Music Capital News 2019)

Matt Ward

With 2x ARIA #1 albums under his belt, a ten-gallon hat-full of hit singles, and a pair of boots that have tread the path of Country music across Australia to the Lone Star State, Matt Ward is "the genuine article" (Brisbane Courier Mail).


The singer-songwriter boasts a fresh sound on his new single, ‘Come Home Safe’ – the first to appear ahead of his third album, ‘The Long Way Home’, set for release on 6th September and available for pre-order now.


The South Australian native has spent much of his life conducting environmental conservation in remote parts of the country, and sits on co-management boards with First Nations traditional owners for the Nullarbor area. It’s safe to say there are few stones this troubadour has left unturned. Yet, the idea for ‘Come Home Safe’ came from a yearning to explore somewhere new.


Incorporating imagery of the Australian bush and the challenges of traveling on country roads, the song delivers a cautionary tale about searching for happiness in distant places when, in reality, it may be found much closer to home.


With its searing tempo and fast-paced, hip-hop like vocal delivery, ‘Come Home Safe’ is a fresh new Australian country sound for Ward. Flawlessly produced by award winning producer Matt Fell, it also gives us a tantalising glimpse into with his forthcoming new album and national tour. 


Since he came onto the scene, Ward has consistently released “world class” (Rhythms Magazine) Australian songs bathed in landscapes, big skies and red desert highways that reflect the best elements of Australian storytellers such as Paul Kelly and Troy Cassar-Daley.


Ward’s 2019 freshman record, ‘Heartland’, hit #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Album chart, while his sophomore album, ‘If I Was In Dallas Tonight’, followed suit in 2021. Both albums produced multiple CountryTown Hot 50 airplay hits and scored the singer-songwriter spots at Groundwater Country Muisc Festival and abroad at Americanafest in Nashville. The songsmith has also been named a finalist 3 years running in the South Australian Music Awards.

Matt Ward

Ward’s story as a recording artist and songwriter have been crafted through life experiences and an ongoing thirst for exploring the adventure and truth behind the road, the heart and country. Matt is very much inspired by the Australian landscape, and has demonstrated his commitment to give back to its people through music and philanthropy.

He first started connecting with communities and capturing stories working in his family’s 120-year-old shoe store in the historic community of Norwood. After earning a qualification in environmental science, Ward spent more than two decades working in remote parts of South Australia with indigenous and regional communities in wildlife management, threatened species recovery and sustainable agriculture. 

Drawing upon these experiences, along with extensive stints in North America immersing himself in the roots of country music, Ward has cleverly weaved his own personal experiences, values and community ties into his art.

His first release, a 2016 self-titled EP, was picked up by Stanley Records and the single ‘Neil Young’ was featured on ‘Take Me To Town’, a compilation celebrating Australian alternative country and Americana music.

In 2019, in his quest for continued musical growth, Ward began working with award-winning producer, Matt Fell. They released Ward’s debut album ‘Heartland’, a concept album inspired by the experiences of Australian landholders during the devastating Millennium drought. With its rich stories and impeccable production, the album was a breakthrough moment for Ward as it scaled to #1 on ARIA charts for an Australian country album. This was echoed by Rhythms Magazine that described Ward’s songwriting and performances as “world class”. The single ‘Better Man’ was used to raise awareness about mental health and also raised funds for the Black Dog Institute.

His second album - ‘If I Was In Dallas Tonight’ (2021) - captured the highs and lows of Ward’s travels between the sister cities of Adelaide and Austin. Recorded in Texas’ famous Yellow Dog Studios, the album involved collaborations with several well-known Texan musicians. The album was described as “sublime” (Countrytown) and confirmed Ward as the “genuine article” (Brisbane Courier Mail). Again, Ward reached #1 on ARIA Charts and the same year he was a finalist in the South Australian Music Awards. 

In 2023, Ward experimented a little closer to home, self-producing several live recordings and starting independent record label, Heartland Music Australia. His EP ‘The Way That I Was Meant To Be’ delivered a raw energy that reflected Ward’s live sounds, including the single ‘Two To Tango’, a sultry duet featuring acclaimed Australian singer Taasha Coates (The Audreys). Ward also collaborated with the historic Norwood Football Club to release “Red and Blue”, a tribute to community and grass-roots Aussie Rules football.

Off the back of these successful releases, Ward has graced stages at Groundwater Country Music Festival, Americanafest (Nashville) and Australian Music Week. His creative drive, scintillating live performances and authenticity as a storyteller ensure his art is diverse, meaningful and consistently of the highest quality. From the South Australian deserts to West Texan dive bars, Tamworth to Nashville, Matt Ward is made for contemporary Australian country music.

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